Robert Kline

                                                                                    Hand Turned Wooden Bowls by Robert Kline

Robert,  a family physician at Community Family Practice in Asheville, North Carolina, has long been intrigued by woodturning.   When trees were cut down to make space for Kathie’s studio, he met a woodturner who transformed the cherry and maple trees into beautiful bowls.   Within a year, Robert had set up his own shop in their basement and was making bowls for family members and friends.  By 2009, he and Kathie were selling their work together at their home shows.

Robert’s bowls are always one-of-a-kind, so they are usually only available at our showroom.  He sells (or gives away!) his bowls almost as quickly as he can make them, but occasionally we’ll post new bowls on our Etsy shop.

Sales of Centerpoint Studios pottery has been suspended until January 2017 because Kathie is caring for young grandchildren.