Kathie Kline


Porcelain Artist Kathie KlineGetting here…

I began working with clay when I lived in Berkeley, California in 1973.  I took to this quiet, messy, playful way of doing art immediately, and I loved the way the outside world seemed to dissolve when I’d walk into the pottery studio.  But at that time in my life, I ultimately rejected a serious pursuit of  art as frivolous and self-indulgent, thinking I’d make more of a difference by volunteering in my community and teaching school.   Raising children, teaching school, and just learning to live one day at a time kept me very busy, but I still found time to take an occasional pottery class.

My formal art training began many years later in 2004 at Haywood Community College’s wonderful Professional Craft Program in Clyde, North Carolina.   I opened my backyard pottery studio in 2006, and I now realize that creating pots for family, friends, and customers is my way of giving back a unique kind of beauty to this amazing world.  I feel so much gratitude each day when I walk out to my studio, and my prayer is that meaningful, joyful work can be found by all!


Porcelain pottery by Kathie KlineWhat I do...

Making pots at the potter’s wheel has always been the most gratifying part of my work.  When I began my studies at HCC, that was just about all I wanted to do.  When it came  time to glaze a pot, I often joked  about this being when I would ruin a lovely pot.  Opening a kiln was usually disappointing  for me because my glazes just didn’t do what I wanted them to do.   But I loved the process of making the pots and as that became second-nature for me, I began exploring the world of glazes.

I do all of my own glaze testing & mixing in the studio. Most recently, I’ve settled on two glaze formulas  for  my functional work:   Yuba and Shino. Both glazes offer surfaces that are food-safe and durable enough to be placed in dishwashers and microwave ovens. Baking dishes can be placed in conventional ovens up to 350º F (as long as the dish is first placed in the oven when it’s at room temperature).

My ikebana designs are available in a wide range of other glazes, in addition to the Yuba & Shino lines.

Sales of Centerpoint Studios pottery has been suspended until January 2017 because Kathie is caring for young grandchildren.