Ikebana Series

Flower Vases Available in 24 Designs. Buy 4, get one FREE!

Many designs of my handcrafted porcelain flower vases are now available. Buy 4, get 1 FREE.   If you order at my Centerpoint Studios online shop, let me know your choice for a fifth one and I’ll include it with your order.  Slide-show flower arrangements were created by photographer Catherine Vibert at CatVibe Creative Photography. Spring […]

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Ikebana Containers

I’m a relatively new student of Patti Quinn Hill,  Certified Master of the Ichiyo School of Ikebana.  The vessels used in the Primary Course are suiban and nageire containers.  These containers have certain elements for specific floral designs, and I’m currently creating vessels that meet those basic criteria.  As I grow more confident about the suitability […]

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Kenzan Vases

These small vases with flower pins inside have become my most popular gift items at art fairs. They will please anyone who loves flowers because they’re so elegant: a few stems or a full bouquet are simple & fun to arrange!  The largest arrangements in the slide show were done by my Ikebana teacher, Patti […]

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Ikebana series

Years ago, a friend gave me a lovely little vase with flower pins inside it.  Every time I put a few flowers in it, I felt like a bit of an expert in flower arranging.  Recently, I started making my own little vases with flower pins inside, and I call them Kenzan Vases. I asked […]

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Sales of Centerpoint Studios pottery has been suspended until January 2017 because Kathie is caring for young grandchildren.