Handmade porcelain mugs in full production mode!

Making mugs in my studio takes a lot of time and attention to detail.  My most popular mugs are thrown at the wheel. I have tools that help me measure the mugs as I throw them…not necessarily to be exactly the same, but as close as

Yuba Mug by Kathie Kline

Yuba Mug by Kathie Kline

possible.   After each mug reaches a certain level of stiffness,  I alter the shape by removing a part of the clay and squeezing the still-soft mug together.  This alteration adds some personality to the piece, and my customers love the way it leaves a bit more room for their fingers when holding it.  After more drying, I extrude porcelain ‘lugs’ –pieces of clay that will become handles after I attach them to the mugs.  Each lug is attached to a mug, one at a time, followed by me ‘pulling’ on it with a fair amount of water to help stretch the clay into a graceful handle.

Final touches on these handmade porcelain mugs include smoothing the bottoms, adding fingerstops to the tops of the handles, and putting my signature stamps on.  Decisions about glazes are relatively easy…either my Yuba glaze (inspired by the Yuba River from my home state of  California) or my Shino glaze.

It’s often hard to keep up with my mug orders because they sell so quickly (often in sets) and  I usually need to devote a full week just to make 50-60 of them.  If you see something you want, order at my Etsy shop now and I’ll put you on my backorder list if I don’t have one in stock!




Sales of Centerpoint Studios pottery has been suspended until January 2017 because Kathie is caring for young grandchildren.