Flower Vases Available in 24 Designs. Buy 4, get one FREE!

Many designs of my handcrafted porcelain flower vases are now available. Buy 4, get 1 FREE.   If you order at my Centerpoint Studios online shop, let me know your choice for a fifth one and I’ll include it with your order.  Slide-show flower arrangements were created by photographer Catherine Vibert at CatVibe Creative Photography.

Spring is on the horizon, and I’ve already been picking daffodils and camelias  for my small kenzan vases.  I love these because  of their understated elegance and I always feel talented when I arrange flowers in them.   Attached pins inside the base make it simple to create arrangements ikebana-style (1-3 stems) or a full  bouquet.    My customers love these as  as table centerpieces, host gifts, and of course, Mother’s Day gifts.

I make these at my potter’s wheel using fine porcelain clay.  The vases  including brushwork are made with a shino glaze formula derived from 16th Century Japan.  Shinos glazes are popular because of their unpredictability and organic range in colors– from dark, almost black carbon-trapping to lighter grays and oranges–sometimes a mix of all three.  Check out all of my vases in the online shop and contact me if you have any questions!

Flower Vase

Pins (kenzans) are attached inside each porcelain vase.

Sales of Centerpoint Studios pottery has been suspended until January 2017 because Kathie is caring for young grandchildren.