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This year, the Kenilworth Artists Association is planning the largest tour ever!  Thirty-four artists, including eight Visiting Artists, will join Kenilworth artists in welcoming the public into home showrooms and studios. Nine additional artists associated with the Harvest House recreation center will present their work at the Harvest House.

This year, Kathie and Robert have invited photographer Catherine Vibert to share their showroom during the tour.  This will be an opportunity for folks to experience Cat’s breathtaking body of work ranging from landscapes to portraits to still life.

Jonas Notes by Catherine Vibert

Jonas Notes by Catherine Vibert

Centerpoint Studios opened in 2007 at the home of artists Robert and Kathie Kline. The couple has worked together and individually for more than 30 years in Asheville, NC, honing their respective crafts and exhibiting their artwork made from porcelain and wood. The artists specialize in distinctive designs that are both functional and affordable. Kathie creates unique porcelain pottery for everyday use while Robert turns one-of-a-kind wooden bowls from fallen trees native to the region.

Centerpoint artwork is featured year-round at a variety of local craft shows. Visit the Centerpoint Etsy Shop to view currently available pottery, pricing, and shipping information, as well as current turnaround times. Popular items sell quickly and many pieces are made-to-order, so please visit often for updates on inventory & availability. For a tour of our Asheville showroom, please contact us to schedule an appointment.